Natalie. 16. Canadian.

The Fosters (2x06) | Teen Wolf (4x05) | Completed Veep
I gave up on The Maze Runner.

Taking a break from job searching. Got my G1 (learners driving license). Really invested in going to the gym.


Kieren and Simon constantly saying “what a time to be alive” just to mess with people

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i love GIRLS and i love when girls LOVE THEMSELVES and i love when girls LOVE OTHER GIRLS and this is so AMAZING 

Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything I can to give it to you.

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Simon Twelfth Disciple of the Undead Prophet, Hardcore “PDS” Rights Activist, Protector of the Undead, Jumping on my Tippy Toes because I’m too eager to kiss my New Boyfriend again Monroe (◡‿◡✿)

I’m just a person who didn’t wanna do any more harm. Don’t start getting all mystical on me, okay? I’m not the messiah. I don’t have any special powers.


I hate when I’m in class, working on my personal writing and someone leans over and goes “WHat R U wRITing” like your eulogy if you don’t back the fuck up you soggy lampshade 

What are you doing here?

If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge.