Natalie. 16. Canadian.

The Fosters (2x05) | Teen Wolf (4x04)
I gave up on The Maze Runner.

Taking a break from job searching. Got my G1 (learners driving license). Really invested in going to the gym.

Just gonna say I’m going down to the states for two days so I won’t be online okay see ya bye.

[Adam] is really generous and kind and like a real pro. And by “pro” I mean prostitute. He’s such a wonderful, kind, and funny male prostitute.

I'm not the one turning teenagers into killers.

please don’t say you love me

and you call us the monsters….
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 promotional photo

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"I’m done living the way other people want me to live."

i’m supposed to be meeting my friend for a zumba class in less than 7 hours and the only part of me that can fall asleep is my foot

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